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Team Building Specialist Malaysia

With very qualified and experienced team building facilitators, and trained personally by world renowned experts in experiential learning, Prof. Colin Beard and in reviewing skills, Dr. Roger Greenaway, Fish Camp is one of the leading team development consulting companies in Malaysia. Fish Camp delivers fun yet impactful team building activities, which include team development, corporate values inculcation and team leadership. Our activities are designed to encourage team bonding, team cohesiveness, team collaboration, team motivation, team performance and team development.
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  Our Purpose Statement   Our Vision   Our Mission
  1. We exist to make use of our God-given gifts to yield a positive difference in the life of every person we coach, train or facilitate in our programs.
  1. To become a force for good in the society by empowering people to improve lives through learning, training and coaching.
  1. To deliver fun, innovative, and effective learning experiences for every person we meet in our programs with the highest level of professionalism, commitment and passion.
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