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Our Team

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Theophilus Wong

  • Psychometric / Assessment Tools
  • Team Development
  • Leadership Development
  • Talent Management
  • Organization Development

Theophilus is the CEO and Co-founder of Fish Camp Learning Sdn Bhd, an award winning consulting firm that was established in 2008 with the tagline “Building Teams, Moulding Leaders”.

He is also a multiple award winning and highly sought-after consultant, trainer, coach & learning facilitator in the field of team & leadership development and talent management. He has shown strong leadership in area of strategic talent management, human resource management & organizational development. His foresight and visionary outlook has allowed him to collaborate with overseas counterpart and introduce various assessments tools, business simulation games & talent management solutions which bring about a significant impact to organization performance and human capital development.

Before founding Fish Camp Learning, he held a managerial role with an Australian based training provider and subsequently rose to the position of a General Manager with a local base consulting firm. Theophilus is also the current Industry Advisor for University Tunku Abdul Rahman’s Faculty of Arts and Social Science – both undergraduate and postgraduate psychology courses. He also served as one of the comittee members of ICF Malaysia Chapter Board 2016-2018 term.

He has led his team in winning several awards for the last few years including Best Service in HR at 24th – 26th World HR Excellence Award for 3 consecutive years, Best Psychometric Testing Provider at 5th Asia Training & Development Excellence Award in Singapore, Training Provider of The Year Award at World HRD Congress 2016 and Best Leadership Development Consultant also at The World HR Excellence Award 2017.


  • Master Trainer for DISC Insights, Institute of Motivational Living Inc., USA
  • Master Trainer for Workplace Big Five Profile, Paradigm Personality Lab, USA
  • Master Trainer & Practitioner for Reina Trust Building Assessment, Reina Trust Building Inc., USA
  • Master Trainer for StrengthScope Practitioner & Strength Coach Practitioner, Strength Partnership UK
  • Master Trainer for Business Today Simulation, Business Today International, UK
  • Accredited Belbin Team Roles, Belbin UK
  • Accredited Competency Professional, ILM UK
  • Accredited Team Management System, TMS AUS
  • Certified Strong Interest Inventory, MBTI Trust USA
  • Certified Habitudes Trainer, Growing Leaders Inc., USA
  • Certified Coaching & Mentoring Professional, ITD M’sia
  • Certified Behavioural & Career Consultant, IML Inc USA
  • Certified Saville Wave Consultant, Saville International UK
  • Certified Facilitator – The Five Behavior of A Cohesive Team, USA
  • Certified Facilitator – Discovery Learning Inc. USA
  • Certified Lego®SeriousPlay® Facilitator, Denmark
  • Certified Facilitator SIMTalent – SimDustry Inc., German
  • Certificate in HR Transformation & O.D. Penn State U, USA
  • Certificate In Integrated Talent Management, ATD USA
  • Member of Association of Talent Development, USA
  • Member of International Coach Federation, ICF USA
  • PSMB Certified Trainer

Samuel Kurian

  • Leadership Development
  • Executive Coaching
  • Succession Planning

A Senior leadership practitioner with over 25 years experience, Sam has had business operations and HR/OD lead roles in various multi-national companies including banking, hospitality and FMCG, starting with the Procter & Gamble company, US. Samuel’s track record expands widely and includes implementation at group, regional and country level including project work track record in the US, China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia.

Samuel is an experienced executive and leadership coach for interventions for C-Suite and middle Management levels of large and medium size organisations. He is a member of the Institute of Coaching – Harvard Medical School (IOC, UK). He is an adjunct faculty and executive coach with The ICLIF Leadership and Governance Centre, an international Asia-focused centre of excellence committed to delivering practical and relevant leadership based in Kuala Lumpur. He is the current ICF Malaysia Charter Chapter President (2016 – 2018).

Education / Credentials:

  • Masters in Business Administration, Kent State University
  • Diploma in Workplace and Business Coaching (Open Door Coaching – Australia)
  • Certificate IV in Workplace and Business Coaching (Open Door Coaching – Australia)
  • Professional Certified Coach (International Coach Federation, US)
  • Certified EQ Coach Practitioner (Six Seconds, US)
  • Certified Certified Behavioural Consultant (IML, US)
  • Servile Wave Accredited – British Psychological Society (BPS) Level 2
  • Talent Q Psychometric Certified
  • Member of the Asia Pacific Alliances of Coaches (APAC)
  • Certified Master Reina Trust Assessment Practitioner, Reina Trust Building Inc. USA

Jonathan Low

  • Keynote & Motivational Speaker
  • Executive Coaching
  • Customer Service & Hospitality
  • Sales & Emotional Intelligence

Jonathan has more than 25 years of professional & international business experience in executive positions in the service industry and has worked with executives and their leadership teams throughout Asia and the Middle East. He is also recognized as one of the Global Guru Top 30 Hospitality leader and expert.

A Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) and one of Asia leading Sales / Service Mastery &  Leadership Success Coach, Jonathan has successfully delivered his high energy, fun and highly engaging keynotes or workshops to international participants. Jonathan is also a ICF Prof Certified Coach (PCC) and a Certified Coach with Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coaching. He is also Certified Advanced Trainer by Six Seconds Emotional Intelligence (EQ), 6D of Breakthrough Learning Co, Certified Mental Toughness Coach, Certified Reina Trust Assessment Practitioner and part of Jack Canfield Training Group Internationally.

He was the President (2016/1026) for the Global Speakers Federation and Past President of the Malaysia Association of Professional Speakers.

Ashley Gamble

  • Leadership & Coaching
  • Mindfulness
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Team Building

Ashley engages in the systematic coaching process to partner with and empower her clients. Helping them gain the self-awareness needed to be their potential, achieve balance and to carry out their goals for real results. As a practitioner of mindfulness and yoga herself, she engages in a facilitation process with her clients to develop a growth mindset, emotional intelligence and awareness to enable them to know themselves to the fullest. With 15 years’ experience as a multimedia designer and project manager, prior to her coaching career, Ashley has the capability to fully understand the complexities of the technical process, management of teams, budgets, project time-lines working directly with the clients in a variety of industries. She has knowledge of corporate culture, relationship dynamics and understanding systems. Ashley is American born and educated, resided and worked in several countries in Europe, collectively for 12 years, and has now been in Asia since 2014. With her global perspective and experience, Ashley is able to understand the complexity, dynamics and needs of a multi-cultural environment. Ashley was the President of a NGO from 2012 to 2014 and was responsible for leading the executive team and the many committees in the organization. She successfully accrued and sustained sponsorship for the organization and the NGOs her organization supported. She increased the number of educational, cultural and fund-raising events. Ashley has a strength in motivating, empowering and challenging her clients and the people she works with for true transformation and sustainability.

Education / Credentials:

  • Certified Professional Coach (CPC level) and International Coach Federation (ACC level)
  • Certified Yoga Instructor with the Association of Himalayan Yoga Meditation Societies International, Himalayan International Institute of Yoga Science & Philosophy and the Himalayan Yoga Tradition Yoga Teacher Training Program
  • Certified Assessor & Coach with the EQi 2.0 Model
  • Certified Reina Trust Practitioner, Reina Trust Building Consultancy, USA

Jean Francios Jadin

  • Executive Coaching
  • Leadership Development
  • Business Simulation

Jean-Francois’ expertise in coaching, facilitation and assessment has been built over a 20-year career in key leadership roles, including a regional CEO of Imperial Consulting, a member of the American Management Association global network, covering Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines and Singapore He has designed, developed and implemented numerous talent development solutions for both multi-national corporations such as Citigroup or Pfizer or organizations such as Singapore Airlines. He focuses on offering management and leadership development solutions to multi-national corporations, large local companies as well as governments and government related entities, typically at middle and senior management levels. A credentialed coach by the International Coach Federation, as well as a registered mentor coach, Jean-Francois focuses on integral coaching: he focuses on long term excellence, the ability to self-correct and the competence in being self-generating. Jean-Francois has years of experience in high-potential development, accelerated leadership development and succession planning for clients such as Pfizer and Chevron, many of which combined their developmental process with an academic qualification, from universities such as Northumbria University. For fifteen years, Jean-Francois was a director and deputy chairman of the EU-Malaysia Chamber of Commerce and Industry, which brought to him multi-industry exposure, with a focus on international trade and investment, as well as senior government relations. Earlier, he worked for Apple in Belgium, a government hospital in France and a telecommunication company in the United Kingdom.

Education / Credentials:

Jean-Francois holds a B.Sc. (Hon’s) in Computer Science and a M.Sc. in Information Systems from the University of Namur, Belgium. He has been an American Management Association faculty member since 2002, became a Chally certified talent analyst in 2009 and is now a Chally master trainer, certifying Chally talent analysts. He is a credentialed coach by the International Coach Federation as well as a registered mentor coach, as well as an ‘Integral Coach’ from New Ventures West.

Khoo Sim Choo

  • Leadership Development
  • Executive Coaching
  • Project Management

Sim Choo is a passionate ICF PCC Coach and Leader facilitating change and transformation for clients and global organizations.  She is also a Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered certified Executive Coach. She embraces a professional career of over 30 years in Fortune 500 organizations such as Texas Instruments, British American Tobacco, Unisys and IBM. As a Coach and leader, she leads in professional development, client engagement and consulting. She manages global transformation programs in a coaching leadership style. Her solid high performance is reflected with several significant employee recognition such at Arizona, Hawaii, Perth, Hong Kong, Bangkok and Seoul. She was awarded the Director of Services at the prestigious ASEAN Golden Circle (Professional Recognition) at Arizona for her outstanding performance in 1998. As a leader and Coach, her clients have discovered the power of coaching. Her clients describe her coaching as impactful, enabling the client to reflect deeply, discover, explore and gain insights. Sim Choo helps her clients expand their perspectives on their leadership challenges to develop creative solutions for themselves and enthusiastically embark on the opportunities.

Education / Credentials:

  • Masters in Engineering Sc., University Malaya
  • Professional Certified Coach (International Coach Federation, US)
  • Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Certified Coach (US)
  • Certified Master Coach – Coach Mastery (JMC Coach Mastery)
  • Project Management Professional (Project Management Institute, US)
  • Certified Behavioral (DISC) Consultant, Institute of Motivational Living Inc. USA
  • Certified Workplace Big Five Consultant, Centre of Cognitive Studies, USA
  • Certified Reina Trust Assessment Practitioner, Reina Trust Building Inc. USA

Vincent Foong

  • Team Building
  • Personal Development
  • Leadership Development

Vincent is a dedicated and enthusiastic professional with over 15 years of experience in the field of organization development and learning. Has a strong background in stakeholder management, partnering across geographical teams to deliver various talent programs. Is well equipped in assessing business requirements, generating options, and implementing solutions that support the organization in achieving its business targets. A focus and passion in collaborating and interfacing with various senior internal & external clients in deployment of programs that strengthen leadership capabilities, aligning values and driving towards common corporate culture. Strongly believes in a hands-on approach in order to be a resourceful performance consultant that will deliver positive results.

Education / Credentials:

  • B.Sc. (USA), M.Sc (USA)
  • Former Talent Acquisition & Development Mgr, Wanek Vietnam
  • Former Talent Development Manager, Texas Instruments Malaysia
  • Former Senior L&D Mgr, DHL
  • Certified Behavioral (Insights Discovery) Consultant, Insights Scotland
  • Certified Workplace Big Five Consultant, Centre of Applied Cognitive Studies, USA
  • Certified Behavioural (DISC) & Career Consultant, Institute of Motivational Living, USA
  • Certified PSMB Trainer

Sharma Kumari

  • Presentation Skill
  • Talent Management & Assessment
  • Change Management

Sharma is a Learning & Talent Development Specialist serving as Trainer-Facilitator, Coach and Consultant in Communication, Organizational Culture and Talent Management. She is also an established Emcee for corporate and private events, as well as a Public Speaker in developmental and motivational topics, apart from having been a Newscaster. Her wide industry experience stems from a 30-year career spanning Inter-Governmental Organizations to Multi-National Corporations / Public Limited Companies; and from Universities to Business Process Outsourcing (industries include broadcasting, education, investment holding, event management, professional membership & shared services). With her deep understanding and hands-on experience of Learning & Development, Sharma progressively moved on to Talent Development. This involved the spectrum from talent identification to role readiness for succession pipeline, leadership and high potentials utilizing behavioral tools, Assessment Centre and 360 Degree Surveys.

Education / Credentials:

  • PSMB Certified Trainer, MOHR, Malaysia & Certified Broadcast Trainer, NTU Darwin & AIBD
  • Certified Talent Management Assessor, Center for Applied Cognitive Studies, USA
  • WorkPlace Big Five Profile 4.0 Certification, Center for Applied Cognitive Studies, USA
  • Certified Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming, BKI & The American Board of NLP
  • Professional Hypnotherapist Training, American Board of Hypnotherapy, USA
  • Impact System Coach, Billy Kueek International, Singapore
  • Time Line Therapy Practitioner, Time Line Therapy Association, USA
  • Fish! Philosophy Licensed Trainer, ChartHouse Learning Australia
  • Change Management Practitioner, PROSCI, USA

Patricia Liaw

  • Personal Breakthrough
  • Executive Coaching
  • Psychology Communication
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Team Building

Patricia was the Asia Pacific & Japan IT Training Specialist of imaging solution for her company.  She has more than 10 years’ experience in the IT and has conducted numerous training courses across the region. She was also the pioneer for the APJ training department in the organization, building the department from inception to profit-taking. Her work and travelling experience has equipped her with, learning the different ways to communicate with people from other countries, cultures and at different levels.

Since 2009, Patricia has coached hundreds of clients individually and in groups to be the best version of themselves, so that they can positively affect their own lives. As a Certified Master Coach and Trainer, she has helped her clients create desired results in their lives.

As a coach, Patricia offers her clients fast and effective change because she knows this to be truly possible. She is passionate about results and her dedicated focus on helping her clients achieve them, ensures great success.  She believes that self-coach yourself are the keys to resilience, resourcefulness and self-realization. One of the most important aspects of change-work for Patricia, is creating a dynamic and fun environment, so that her clients feel at ease and actively enjoy this creative process. Believing in knowledge is most valuable when actively applied, Patricia incorporates her expanded learning in her training & coaching sessions, focusing on practicality and application.

Education / Credentials:

  • Professional Certified Coach (International Coach Federation)
  • Instructor for the delivery of: Behavioural EQ® a foundational Social Intelligence program
  • Workplace Big Five Profile 4.0 Certified Consultant (Paradigm Personality Labs)
  • Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Master Practitioner (American Board of NLP/RAW-NLP)
  • Time Line Therapy™ Master Practitioner (Time Line Therapy™ Association/RAW-NLP)
  • Hypnosis Master Practitioner (American Board of Hypnotherapist/RAW-NLP)
  • Interactive Hypnotherapist (Interactive Hypnotherapy Association – IANLPC Association UK)
  • NLP Master Coach (American Board of NLP Coach/RAW-NLP)
  • Impact System© Coach (Billy Kueek International)
  • Certified Behavioural & Talent Management Consultant (Accreditation from The Institute of Motivational Living Inc., USA)
  • Master Trainer – Experiential Leaning & Debriefing Skills (Prof. Colin & Dr. Roger 2014)
  • Certified HRDF Trainer (Since 2012)
  • Certified First Aider (Since 2014)

Joseph Tan

Joseph holds a Master of Arts in Counselor Education from the Western Michigan University, USA. He was formerly a Resource Pool Lead at Accenture Solutions (a global IT Consulting company), managing the talent pool within one of its business units in the ASEAN region.

Joseph is currently the Senior Consultant in Learning & Development with Fish Camp Learning. Leveraging on his background in Counseling, Recruitment, and Talent Management, he currently facilitates learning and development programs with participants from various backgrounds and industries. Some of the clients he has worked with include Adidas, Standard Charted Bank, The Walt Disney Company, and SC Johnson, OCBC Bank amongst many others.

Education / Credentials:

  • Master of Arts in Counselor Education, Western Michigan University, USA
  • Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, University of Nebraska – Lincoln, USA
  • Certified Business Today Simulations Facilitator, Business Today International UK
  • Certified Workplace Big Five ProfileTM, Paradigm Personality Labs USA
  • Certified Behavioral & Career (DISC) Consultant, IML Inc. USA
  • Certified Advanced Behavioral Analysis, IML Inc. USA
  • Certified Reina Trust Practitioner, Reina Trust Building, USA
  • Global HR Academy Certification, Accenture and Cornell University
  • Certified Talent Supply Chain Specialist, Accenture and Cornell University
  • Certified Trainer, Ministry of Human Resources, Malaysia (PSMB)
  • Approved Coaching Specific Training Hours Accreditation, International Coach Federation (pursuing)
  • Young HR Professional of The Year – 26th Global HR Excellence Award 2018

Janice Teoh

Janice is currently the Senior Consultant – Organizational Development and Talent Management with Fish Camp Learning and is one of the key members that has contributed to the several awards Fish Camp Learning has obtained to date. She specialises in psychometric / behavioural tools, experiential learning and simulation activity programs design. She is also a qualified human resource practitioner from the internationally renowned and reputable Chartered Institute of Personnel Development, UK. She has extensive experience facilitating learning programs and assessment sessions with mostly multi-national corporate such as Accenture, Lafarge, Bbraun Medical, WWF, Etika Group of Companies, Alliance Bank to name a few.

Education / Credentials:

  • Master of Commerce in Business Law, AUS
  • Bachelor of Business Management in HRM, AUS
  • Certified Behavioural & Talent Management Consultant, IML Inc. USA
  • Certified Workplace Big Five ProfileTM, Paradigm Personality Labs, USA
  • Certified Strong Interest Inventory, MBTI Trust Inc, USA
  • Certificate in Human Resource Practice, Chartered Institute of Personnel Development, UK
  • Certified Laughter Yoga Leader

Nicky Tay

Nicky is currently the Learning and Development Consultant at Fish Camp Learning. His coaching background is in Design Thinking method and he has coached all levels of executives from across industries. His expertise is helping others breakthrough their critical mindset and instill creative confidence to drive innovation. Not only has he coached corporate organisations but also officers from all the government ministries. That includes doctors from the Ministry of Health (MOH), lecturers from the Ministry of Education (MOE), police officers from the Royal Malaysian Police (RMN) and even the Royal Malaysian Navy (RMN).

Education / Credentials:

  • Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) Civil Engineering
  • Certified Workplace Big Five ProfileTM, Paradigm Personality Labs USA
  • Certified Behavioral (DISC) Consultant, IML Inc. USA
  • Certified Trainer, Ministry of Human Resources, Malaysia (PSMB)

Karen Chong

Karen is currently the Learning & Development Consultant at Fish Camp Learning. She holds a Bachelor of Business Psychology (Hons) majoring in Industrial and Organizational Psychology. She possesses a wide understanding of workplace productivity, team effectiveness, talent and leadership development. With her background and working experiences in the training and consulting industry, she has coordinated and co-facilitated numerous employee development programs for local & international clients such as Danone Dumex, Robert Bosch, Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation, Bonia Corporation, Majestic Group and others. She is also currently managing talent assessments and psychometric testing at workplace for corporate clients.

Education / Credentials:

  • Bachelor of Business Psychology (Hons)
  • Certified Workplace Big Five ProfileTM, Paradigm Personality Labs USA
  • Certified Behavioral (DISC) Consultant, IML Inc. USA

Green Leong

Green is currently the Office Manager of Finance and Administration with Fish Camp Learning.

She has more than 17 years’experience in a range of roles including purchasing, sales and resource planning. She has had experience managing different employees and stakeholders in various industries such Health and Medical Care, Construction, IT and in the recent years Education and Training Industry.

Green brings with her a wealth of experience and knowledge in supporting programs and resource planning in ensuring the efficiency of Fish Camp Learning’s operations.

Education / Credentials:

  • Bachelors Degree in Business Administration, UKM Malaysia


“In 2010, Sunrise Berhad embarked on a culture alignment exercise called the “Sunrise Personified” Programme and Fish Camp Learning was engaged as the team building facilitator.

Under the capable leadership of its Director Theophilus Wong and Lead Facilitator Aaron Lee, the participants were able to achieve a better understanding of the Company’s Vision and Mission. This was mainly due how Fish Camp Learning organised the activities which were fun, challenging but yet at the same time getting the message across.

In 2014, The Edge Media Group launched its corporate vision and mission alignment exercise and once again Fish Camp Learning were able to assist in coordinating a large group of team building program for us successfully and smoothly.

I would highly recommend them to any organization on their organization development programs.”

Terese Chin (Former Head of HR, Sunrise Berhad)

Head of Human Resource & Administration

The Edge Media Group