Talent Management Professional Certification Program


Talent Management Professional Certification Program

Are you facing challenges in selecting the right talents for succession planning? Or finding it difficult to objectively assess the potentials, development gaps and right fit with your talent pool? Or hiring the right candidate for the job? If you are, then it’s time to set yourself apart from the other HR and Talent professionals.


This is the only talent management program in the market that equip you with the world renowned talent assessment tool – the Workplace Big Five Profile™ that helps you assess, identify and develop talent objectively and accurately. You will experience SIMTalent® Talent Development Simulation that accelerates your learning on the talent development framework.  Through the simulation, you will be challenged to immerse in key talent management obstacles and learn to apply the skills.


This program cover seven modules that includes Leadership Development & Succession Planning, Effective Recruitment, Identification of High Potentials, Competency Development Framework and Human Resource Optimization. You will walk away with an assessment tool that will immediately enhance your talent management initiatives. It is practical, relevant and most importantly effective.

SIMTalent® Talent Development Simulation

Key highlights:
  • Real time feedback where the results of your decisions are experienced instantly.
  • Risk free learning enable you to try new strategies without economic or personal consequences.
  • Vibrant team interaction. Networking and exchange of experience between team members bring more depth to your learning.
The simulation experience includes:
  • Setting up a strategic development plan for each member by considering personal and business needs.
  • Developing a solid succession plan for all team members and managers.
  • Evaluating team members based on their personality profile.
  • Matching talents to the company by minimizing retention risk.
  • Promote team members to new positions according to your plan.

WorkPlace Big Five Profile 4.0™

Key highlights:
  • Easily completed in 15 minutes.
  • Simply and clearly explain work-related behaviors found in everyday interaction.
  • Provide in depth insights to participants and organizations.
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Who should attend?

Human Resource Professional, Talent Development Managers, Recruitment Specialist, Consultants, Trainers and Educators who aspire to bring organizations to their next level of success.

Be a highly qualified professional that leads organization confidently into the future

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5-8 April 2021 (Virtual) [Register here]

2-5 August 2021 (Virtual and In-person) [Register here]

11-14 October 2021 [Register here]


“Theo is a trusted partner for me and my team. He brings to the table so much of depth knowledge on psychology, personality, behaviour and translates the learning into something which is easily comprehensible. His humility wows us all the time and willingness to always share, flexibility in approach and committing to deliver solutions the right way for us is commendable. Thanks Theo for the great partnership.”

Pritinderjeet Kaur

Head of Learning & Talent Development

HSBC Bank Malaysia Berhad