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Upcoming Virtual Leadership Program in 2021

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Personal and Workplace Effectiveness with Emotional Intelligence

Date: Sep 152021 | Time: 9:00 am5:00 pm

Lead Trainer: 

Joseph Tan

Leaders need to have high Emotional Intelligence to recognize their own emotions and those around them to lead effectively.This program develops emotional intelligence required not only to understand and regulate self but also to persuade, motivate, and inspire others. Thus, resulting in better relationship management that extends beyond work life. Participants equipped with emotional intelligence become more effective leaders in various circumstances.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Persuade, motivate and inspire others to act.
  • Get into the right emotional state while managing relationships at work and in personal life.
  • Unleash your creativity and enhance effectiveness in work and life.
  • Form healthy and trusting relationships that help you to grow.

Communication and Interpersonal Skills

Date: Sep 222021 | Time: 9:00 am5:00 pm

Lead Trainer: 

Vincent Foong

Communicating effectively is the key to being a high-performance executive and leader. Yet, this skill can still be a challenge, particularly in a diversified workplace with various personalities, behavioral patterns, and cultural backgrounds. This program help participants to communicate more confidently and assertively by mastering the essential aspect, which includes utilizing and analyzing body language, effective listening, and building rapport.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Able to form trust with coworkers to create a productive working environment.
  • Able to manage conflict through the use of emotional science.
  • Able to listen effectively and ask powerful questions at work.
  • Understanding the essential aspect and the barriers of communications.

Analytical Thinking and Problem Solving

Date: Oct 132021 | Time: 9:00 am5:00 pm

Lead Trainer: 

Daniel Lee

The ability to question, think critically, and make decisions are quintessential for a leader. This program increases your ability to analyze problems using various frameworks and to solve complex problems creatively. You will be equipped with the skills to foster problem-solving mindsets that drive a team and learn persuasion to garner support from both stakeholders and your coworkers.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Establishing a foundation in analytical thinking.
  • Able to apply analytical thinking tools effectively at your workplace.
  • Setting the right problem-solving mindsets.
  • Lead and define project challenges, as well as generating creative solutions.
  • Able to gathering support for your ideas.

Leadership Foundation – Transition to Leadership & Management

Date: Sep 82021 | Time: 9:00 am5:00 pm

Lead Trainer: 

Theophilus Wong

Leadership transition is the shift from the execution to a leadership role. This involves developing leadership mindsets, building confidence to lead, and manage others effectively. This program helps you understand leadership styles and instilling leadership competencies. It promotes leadership confidence and establishes your leadership presence. With this strong leadership foundation, you will be ready to lead effectively in no time.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understanding the different dimensions and levels of leadership.
  • Able to differentiate between managing and leading.
  • Able to demonstrate a higher level of leadership capabilities.
  • Able to showcase confidence in leading and ability build trust.

Assertive Communication & Influencing Skills

Date: Sep 92021 | Time: 9:00 am5:00 pm

Lead Trainer: 

Vincent Foong

According to a study by HR Technologist, most managers have difficulties communicating with their team which resulted in workplace conflict. This program builds your effective communication skill sets and behaviors through active listening, honing assertiveness and developing trust. Using online experiential activities, we ensure that you will enjoy an engaging session that gets you ready to be a better leader that communicates well.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Able to establish a better working relationship with your team and stakeholders.
  • Able to stand your ground and articulate discussion points to impress your audience.
  • Able to adapt different communication styles according to situations and personalities.
  • Increased ability to influence decisions in the business setting.

Effective Delegation & Giving Feedback

Date: Aug 132021 | Time: 9:00 am5:00 pm

Lead Trainer: 

Peter Law

Delegating is one of the most critical leadership skills, yet it is one of the most underutilized and underdeveloped managerial capabilities. This program instills the necessary leadership mindset, heart-set, and skillset that enable delegation. You will be equipped with a holistic delegation and giving feedback skills that let you be more engaged with your team. You will be able to achieve more with less.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understanding what is involved in proper delegation of work.
  • Able to delegate more effectively using the given framework.
  • Mastering the feedback-giving skills.
  • Becoming an effective leader with better team engagement skills.

Personal Discovery and Leadership with WorkPlace Big Five Profile

Date: Sep 132021 | Time: 9:00 am5:00 pm

Lead Trainer: 

Joseph Tan

To manage more effectively, leaders need to understand themselves fully in order to capitalize on their strengths when working with others. Using the Big Five Personality Model and Human Resource Optimization Model, you will be able to leverage on your own strengths and those around you, in order to lead more effectively. This will give you an added edge to be a great leader.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand the different characteristics of behavioral and communication styles based on the Big Five model.
  • Learn to leverage on personal strengths and deal with potential limitations to improve leadership capabilities.
  • Understanding team dynamics and be equipped to manage workplace relationships effectively.

Conflict Management & Managing Stakeholders

Date: Aug 192021 | Time: 9:00 am5:00 pm

Lead Trainer: 

Gan Kwee Ming

Workplace conflicts are inevitable due to differences in backgrounds, perspectives, and goals. This makes conflict management an essential skill for leaders to proactively handle conflicts and resolve disagreements that would otherwise be detrimental to the organization. This program develops your ability to manage conflicts amicably and professionally using tools and practical tips.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Be able to understand nature of conflicts and not fear it.
  • Able to understand and deal with different working styles.
  • Knowing your inherent conflict resolution styles.
  • Able to resolve conflict with the 5C management style.

Coaching and Mentoring Skills for Leaders

Date: Aug 262021 | Time: 9:00 am5:00 pm

Lead Trainer: 

Jeff Cheah

There is a shift from command-and-control to a “leader as coach” style of leadership to support and guide employees in a rapid and disruptive work landscape. This is because coaching skills promote innovation and commitment. This program develops your coaching and engagement skills using an experiential approach where methods, tools, and processes for coaching and mentoring are taught hands-on.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Able to craft personal coaching approaches, tools, and processes to use in groups and with individuals.
  • Able to engage and provide feedforward/feedback to subordinates, peers and superiors.
  • Be equipped with Coaching and Mentoring skills for developing people and enable retention of staff

  • We engaged Fish Camp Learning for their leadership competencies assessments because their behavioural and profiling assessment tools are well-researched and the assessment reports are customised to the organisation’s needs. In addition, Theo and his team are able to help participants to connect their assessment results to their behaviour at the workplace. This is very powerful to activate the desire for behaviour change in order to achieve better work performance. In many occasions, life related situations were also discussed. From a talent management expert’s point of view, I truly appreciate Fish Camp’s experiential development programmes and we have benefited much from the programmes. Without qualms, I would recommend Fish Camp!

    Dr. Jessica Tang
    Senior Manager, Talent Development,
    Group HR, Top Glove Corporation Berhad
    August 2020 

  • On behalf of Fresenius Medical Care Production Sdn Bhd, I would like to take this opportunity to place on record our appreciation for the excellent ongoing Leadership Development Program you have conducted with us since December 2018. Fish Camp Learning has many good simulation tools and good experiential activities that are catered according to our needs and objectives. The Workplace Big Five Leadership assessments are among examples of the most beneficial ones where we have applied in the areas of leadership to increase leadership effectiveness and communication efficiency. What I would also like to highlight is the team of facilitators and coaches that delivery the workshops shown high competencies in their respective field and immensely helpful and passionate.

    Tam Poh Yih
    HR Manager, Fresenius Medical Care Production Sdn Bhd
    August 2020

  • Theo (Fish Camp Learning ) is a trusted partner for me and my team. He brings to the table so much of depth knowledge on psychology, personality, behaviour and translates the learning into something which is easily comprehensible. His humility wows us all the time and willingness to always share, flexibility in approach and committing to deliver solutions the right way for us is commendable. Thanks Theo for the great partnership.

    Pritinderjeet Kaur
    Head of Learning & Talent Development at HSBC Bank Malaysia Berhad
    October 2019

  • I started to engage the services of Theo (Fish Camp Learning) for some of his development programs since my last organization. From the experience as a client, our employees who attended his program provided encouraging feedback on what they took away from the program - both in terms of new learning and new awareness. I care a lot about experiential and interactive learning and Theo with his team has never failed me. Theo has wealth of knowledge and experience in various team effectiveness and leadership programs which helped me a lot in finding the right intervention and program for different needs and teams dynamic I have. Post the training program, Theo will also share his observations and feedback. I enjoyed his friendly nature and even temperament. I can whole heartedly recommend Theo.

    Andrew Ng
    Regional HR Director, ASEAN Informa PLC
    May 2019

  • On behalf of the Human Relations team of Continental Tyre PJ Malaysia Sdn Bhd, I would like to take this opportunity to place on record our appreciation for the excellent team building workshops you conducted with us for 1.5 years in a row. Fish Camp Learning has many good simulation tools and good experiential activities that are catered according to our needs and objectives. DISC Personality Traits Assessment is for example one of the most beneficial one to our team where we have applied in the areas to increased communication efficiency amongst the Human Relations team members. What I would also like to highlight is your capability to adopt the agenda during the workshop in order to ensure the best result and the most emotional team empowerment. Your continuous support has allowed the Human Relations team to achieve immeasurable progress and it continues to strive towards even better success.

    Fish Camp really lives up to their motto “Building Teams, Moulding Leaders"

    Diana Hoppe
    Head of Human Relations, Continental Tyre Malaysia

    August 2018