Talent Management


Talent Management

As the Human Resource function has evolved from the traditionally administrative-prone function focusing on payroll and benefits, to the latest trend of strategic talent management function focusing on leveraging talents to drive business strategies, organizations and leaders need to break their old mindset and transform their talent management functions to be in line with this latest trend.

In the scarce talent market, organizations and leaders are faced with the following 7 major challenges when managing talents:

  1. How do we attract talents to us?
  2. How do we identify our talents?
  3. How do we engagement our talents?
  4. How do we develop our talents?
  5. Where do our talents stand?
  6. Who can be the next leader?
  7. What keeps our talents with us?

Talent management is a critical process that ensures every organization has the right quantity and quality of leaders and talents in place to meet the current and future missions and priorities of the organization. It covers all key aspects from selection, onboarding, development, performance management, engagement, and succession planning.

The Talent Management Process:

Our Customized Talent Management Solutions

At Fish Camp Learning, our team of consultants and facilitators with a variety of expertise and professional background are able to design and deliver customized solutions to meet your talent management needs.

Recruitment & Assessment

  1. PeopleKeys™ & OccupationalKeys® Recruitment System

    PeopleKeys™ consists of 3 categories of assessment – DISC Personality Styles, TEAMS Styles and Values Styles. It can provide 3 dimensional view of a particular persons and increases the effectiveness either in hiring the right candidates, job placements, leadership development or succession planning.

    Motivation Assessments – Why the candidate does what they do and what motivates them. We understand candidates’ motivators using the Values Style Profile. Its best use is to determine fit within the culture and the propensity to succeed in a particular role.

    Behavior Assessment – How the candidate will communicate and get along with other people? Our DISC profile is best used to determine communication style and relationship-building approach. This also includes understanding a person’s preferred role to play in a team setting using the TEAMS Style profile. The OccupationaKeys® system allows you to customize job profiles based on behaviors and motivation by simply answering a set of 20 questions on the required jobs and perform benchmarking using the online system.


  2. Workplace Big Five Profile™ 4.0 Assessment Tool

    The Center for Creative Leadership has identified 19 behavioral tendencies that can derail a person in mid-career. Each of the 19 derailers is associated with a Big Five infrastructure that predisposes a person towards a specific derailer. Workplace Big Five Profile, which is used by Centre of Creative Leadership as part of their Leadership Flagship Development program, is used to identify and provide early remedial intervention of a leader’s potential derailing traits.

    Workplace Big Five Profile™ 4.0 can also be used to assess and identify potential leaders with the closest matching traits of the ideal leadership traits. The capacitor reports will also provide the candidate’s natural energy for up to 54 competencies, which is a crucial piece of information in deciding a potential high performer.


  3. Assessment through simulation games and experiential learning tools

    One of the best ways to assess behaviors is through simulation games. A lot of behaviors can surfaced from any individual during activities, which is good for us to observe and identify the right candidate for a particular job position. We have several simulation games and activities that can be used for this purpose.


Onboarding & Management Trainees Programs

Typical HR New Employee Orientation (NEO) sessions focus on logistics and housekeeping, rather than “how to succeed in business.” There is little time in most NEO sessions for content that goes beyond broad organizational policy, basic benefits information, required safety procedures, etc.

Orientation processes sometimes fall short because a new employee’s supervisor lacks the time or does not see the need for their own ongoing involvement in the new hire’s integration. In fact, this is an appropriate and necessary role for a supervisor or manager. Research has shown that if onboarding programs are to be conducted properly and effectively, it can increase staff retention up to 50%.

To meet this need, Start Right…Stay Right and Accountability That Works are two of our signature programs (and international best-sellers) offers a way for a new employee and their supervisor to open a dialogue about the department and organization’s culture and expectations, and about the new employee’s developmental path. It also helps the supervisor stay connected with the orientation process in a consistent and comprehensive manner, while requiring a minimum amount of time.

We design customized onboarding processes and programs based on your needs and provide coaching services to new joiners to ensure that they are able to assimilate to the culture and job roles during probation.

Coaching & Mentoring

Our ICF accredited coaches and experienced mentors are able to provide individual or group coaching services for employees’ personal and career development. We also provide executive coaching and mentoring services for C-level executives and senior management staff.

Apart from that, we train leaders and managers to be coaches / mentors and equip them with tools to enhance their leadership skills in order to better coach and lead their teams.

Training & Development

We believe that skills can be learned and talents will shine through excellent training and developmental opportunities provided. We design a holistic developmental plan for employees based on a developmental cycle starting from:

  1. Self-awareness by knowing one’s own developmental needs and gaps

    Based on scientific, self-perceived profiling tools such as PeopleKeys® and WorkPlace Big Five Profile™, these realistic and reliable assessments allow employees to understand their own developmental needs and gaps for a particular role.


  2. Skills and knowledge via training

    Our off-the-shelves and customized training programs address the different knowledge and skill needs of employees. Our team of experienced trainers and facilitators adopt the latest learning methods and transfer learning in the most effective ways possible. Some of the training programs we provide include personal development, leadership skills, and softskills such as communications, emotional management, presentations etc.


  3. On-the-job application with coaching support

    One of the key skills of a leader or manager is to consistently able to coach and mentor their teams. A leader or manager with coaching skills and who coach their team member will be able to lead their team in increasing their job performance, productivity and positive behavioral change.

    We, who are either ICF accredited coaches or certified coach with renowned and recognized institution are able to either coach, or train the leaders or managers to effectively coach their team members to enhance the team performance.


  4. Review and Enhancement

    We ensure learning progress are regularly reviewed in order to gauge the effectiveness of learning. We adopt qualitative and quantitative measures in our review approach of which the data will be used to design subsequent action plans for continuous knowledge and skills enhancement.


Performance Management

A good performance management framework ensures that employee’s performance outcomes are attached to the business strategies in order to drive the overall strategies of the organizations. Performance measurement system therefore should focus on the relevant and measurable performance outcomes.

We help organizations to decipher and align behaviors and job competencies to business strategies. We use behavioral and competency profiles as blueprint for designing an effective performance measurement system. The PeopleKeys® and WorkPlace Big Five Profile™ are able to generate the ‘DNA’ for every position in an organization and reveals the required behaviors and competencies for the position. We customize effective measurement system to best measure to what extent the employees have achieved the expectations. By using Dr Pierce Howard’s Human Resource Optimization Strategy, we consult our clients on how the employees’ behaviors and competencies can be optimized and draw out performance management plans for employees.

Retention & Engagement

Happy and positively engaged employees are more likely to stay in an organization and this is linked to higher productivity and performance. Leaders and organizations need to ensure that they provide a conducive physical environment and positive psychological states for their employees in order to engage them.

We provide both engagement diagnosis and solutions to organizations to support them in engaging their employees. For diagnostic intervention, our team of experienced consultants develop and deliver employee engagement surveys to measure the level of engagement of employees with the organization. Data are collected and results findings are discussed with leaders and management to decide on the engagement solutions required to elevate the level of engagement in the employees.

Some of our customized, client-focused solutions include communication initiatives, teambuilding activities, cultural activities, and leaders-employees engagement activities. Different approaches will be recommended to suit different level of engagement needs of the employees.

Succession Planning

Succession planning is the process of identifying and monitoring an organization’s talent pool in order to address the future needs and goals of the organization. It focuses on key positions at all levels: tactical, operational and strategic. Clearly defining the competencies and behaviors leaders need to achieve is critical to ensure high-potential successors are available to fill future leader roles.

The profiling assessment tools available in Fish Camp Learning are able to achieve this objective by profiling leaders’ behaviors and competencies. Profiling tools such as PeopleKeys® and WorkPlace Big Five Profile™ let you profile your leaders based on incumbent leaders and talents and set as benchmark for selection.

Besides, Dr Pierce Howard’s Human Resource Optimization model serves as our principal guideline for development succession planning for key leaders and talents.

  • Consult and design performance management framework
  • Design and deliver employee engagement initiatives such as employee passion assessment, self-awareness workshops, team communication and teambuilding activities etc.
  • Provide public and in-house training programs and workshops on specific developmental areas such as personal accountability, personal effectiveness, emotional intelligence, effective communications etc.
  • Career planning and development

International Professional Certification Programs & Talent Management Programs

We also provide training and international certifications to human resource and talent management practitioners to equip them with the right knowledge and skills in performing their day-to-day functions. Currently, we offer the following certification programs:

  • Certified Behavioral (DISC Personality) Consultant Program by The Institute for Motivational Living Inc., USA
  • Certified WorkPlace Big Five Profile™ 4.0 Consultant Program by Center for Applied Cognitive Studies, USA
  • Certified Talent Management Assessor Program by Center for Applied Cognitive Studies, USA

We also offer programs for HR upskilling in areas of talent management and human resource development.

  • Talent Management for Non-HR/Talent Managers
  • Kirkpatrick Evaluation Program – Transferring Learning to Behaviour


“The workshop has helped me to understand my traits and how I can improve some of the traits for the benefit of my own self and for the organisation. The flow of the programme was really good as the discussion flows very smoothly in a sense that traits, narrator, capacitor, consultant and leader reports were discussed strategically and the exercises also helped in terms of how we can connect with what we have learned in the classroom. You as a trainer were also very energetic and were able to catch participants’ attention throughout the session. Well done!”

Mohamad Zahini

Talent Manager, Tesco Malaysia