Virtual Learning Program

Our virtual learning space

With the need for social distancing and the ever increasing challenge to physically gather targeted participants in the same location for extended hours for training, Traditional Classroom Training will likely be more challenging to be organized even long post COVID-19.  Fish Camp Learning proudly offers fully virtual training programs with digital learning contents on our powerful AI-driven state-of-the-art Digital Learning Platform.

Key elements of the journey

Our Digital Learning Programs are extremely versatile and infused with a combination of formal, informal and social learning elements.

Embark on a learning journey free from space and time constraints

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“I started to engage the services of Theo for some of his development programs since my last organization. From the experience as a client, our employees who attended his program provided encouraging feedback on what they took away from the program – both in terms of new learning and new awareness. I care a lot about experiential and interactive learning and Theo with his team has never failed me. Theo has wealth of knowledge and experience in various team effectiveness and leadership programs which helped me a lot in finding the right intervention and program for different needs and teams dynamic I have. Post the training program, Theo will also share his observations and feedback. I enjoyed his friendly nature and even temperament. I can whole heartedly recommend Theo.”

Andrew Ng

Regional HR Director

Informa SEA