Building Resilience and Agility


A program that uplift your mind, body and spirit to thrive

In partnership with The Resilience Institute, we have designed a virtual learning journey to identify your assets and liabilities in regards to your level of resilience. Through this research-based and proven diagnostic and intervention program, you will learn to develop your resilience assets and manage your resilience liabilities to cope better with the ever changing and demanding environment. Using the new found awareness, knowledge and techniques, this program will build your agility and capacity not only to survive, but to thrive in both your personal life and at work.

What is Resilience?

Resilience sharpens and focuses our ability to bounce back, steer through adversity and exercise our talents and motivation in a meaningful way.  Although genetics and environment do have some influence over resilience, studies have shown that resilience can be learnt and practiced by all of us and we all can grow our capacity to bounce, grow, connect and flow.

What will you take away from this experience?

Practical framework and guidance to building Resilience and Agility

Unlocking biological resources of your body, heart, mind and spirit

Increased productivity at work and personal life with a focused mind

Increased pressure tolerance and stress mastery to grow with optimal stress


The Resilience Diagnostic provides comprehensive insights into the wellbeing, resilience and effectiveness of your people.

The assessment takes less than 8 minutes to complete and provides each participant with a personalised result, based on 60 factors that determine resilience.

Meet Manish Arneja

Manish Arneja is Managing Partner with The Resilience Institute in South East Asia and has 18 years of experience in Organisational Change and Leadership Effectiveness. He has worked with senior level executives in 11 countries within Asia and Europe and with this broad global experience as both an internal and external consultant. His forte lies in doing a deep diagnosis and building trust with teams, regardless of level, industry or geography. Manish is based in Singapore and holds an MBA from Asian Institute of Management with additional post-graduate qualifications in Organisational Development from Heriot-Watt University, UK. He is a Certified Change Management Practitioner, Certified Professional Facilitator (CPF) and Executive Coach (Ontological Coaching). He is also certified as NLP Master Practitioner and qualified in DiSC, Emotional Intelligence Trainer Certification and a member of the International Coach Federation (ICF) and International Association of Facilitators (IAF).

Embark on a learning journey free from space and time constraints

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“I had the opportunity to attend Manish’s webinar on 5 Keys to Resilience and I feel this is the most relevant topic in today’s dynamic and hyper competitive world. Manish has a great style of delivering a session that connects him to the audience. He uses a mix of theory, practical tips, tools and personal experiences to make his point. He has a deep knowledge about the subject and the research that has been done on the topic.His practical tips on mindfulness were very helpful and I hope to bring those tips into my daily routine. Thanks Manish!”

Aditi Ashtana

Senior HR Business Partner