Coaching Essentials for People Managers


Discover coaching skills every leader should master to lead virtual teams.

This is a interactive virtual learning space that is focused on what matters most to you as a leader. We will support you to develop an individualized or group approach on how to ‘show up’ as your organisation faces new challenges. It provides a confidential virtual space to develop teams; helping you and team manage or regain energy and focus; recapturing a sense of clarity, purpose, ownership and coaching on tough decisions.


Learning methods:

Validated Assessment Tool, Group Reflection, Practice Labs, Weekly Assignments, Self Learning & Continuous Digital Learning.

Meet Samuel Kurian

Samuel is a seasoned professional certified coach (ICF PCC), mentor coach, supervisor, counsellor and consultant for over a decade. A leader in coaching CEOs and senior executives of international companies during times of change and strategy shifts; he combines organisational and executive coaching specialties, senior executive alignment, innovation and change leadership, as well as strategic direction for building high-performance teams. Samuel is also a Reina Trust® Senior Consultant, Certified Master Practitioner with the Reina Trust Building Institute, based in Vermont, USA and a Resident Practitioner and Consultant with UCSI Blue Ocean Strategy Consulting. Samuel has been honing his craft and working with leaders in driving value through leadership and building Trust Building® for teaming, leadership, collaboration, inclusion, change readiness and psychological safety.

Embark on a learning journey free from space and time constraints

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“Sam has been supporting our leadership development program. Through his work and focus we have seen stronger leadership traits developing across our organisation. Our staff have definitely benefited from his insights. Sam has shown dedication and great empathy with what we are trying to achieve throughout. ”

Azim Mithani

Former CEO

Prudential BSN Takaful