Evoking Positivity in Conversations


Building trust and delivering impact in times of uncertainty.

This program focuses on building trust and healthy connections in fostering collaboration towards common goals.  The process will heighten participants’ mindfulness in their daily conversation with others, helping them to embrace positivity and improve their listening and communication skills. It further broadens their paradigm and increases their adaptability to building trust in a complex and uncertain environment. Participants will take away in-depth knowledge and practical tools to help them maneuver any work situations.


Learning methods:

Tools, Assessment, Group Reflection, Brainstorming, Weekly Assignments, Self-Learning & Continuous Digital Learning.

Meet Sim Choo

Sim Choo is a passionate ICF PCC Coach and Leader facilitating change and transformation for clients and global organizations. She is also a Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Certified Executive Coach. Qualified as Conversational Intelligence® practitioner, Narrative Coach(US), REINA® Trust, DISC profiling, Positive Psychology Visionary Science and Applied Neuroscience. Over the last 30 years, Sim Choo’s career had spans over various multinational corporation across the globe, including as a regional global Leader in IBM and Texas Instruments where she was consistently recognized for her professional drive, tenacity and strategic perspective, in engaging with C-suite levels. With her rich experience in both the corporate world and as a coach, she is able to seamlessly help her client effectively integrate their learning back into workplace settings.

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“An exceptional coach who combines her practical ability in mobilising conversation and facilitation, Sim Choo did it well with her nurturing ability, asked the right question, and skillful in ensuring coachees transition well. Sim Choo personally helped me transition into thinking more deeply about what I wanted to do, she challenged me to develop different ways – she has enabled me to be a more effective individual and effective leader! Thank you, Sim Choo. ”

KC Loo

Vice President, Learning and Development