Certified Behavioral (DISC) Consultant Program

The DISC Personality Model breaks down the different dimensions of human behavior in a simple, straightforward manner – helping individuals understand their own traits, behavioral tendencies, and communication styles. Administering this to teams helps members learn each other’s strengths and weaknesses, which in turn, improves teamwork, increases team communication effectiveness, and helps in managing conflict productively.

Applying this assessment to your organization also helps you to identify and hire candidates that best fit the job, enhance leadership development, boost sales, and can also aid the delivery of customer service training as well as complement stress management workshops.

The Certified Behavioral (DISC) Consultant Program is accredited by The Institute of Motivational Living (USA), a world leader in developing, publishing, and delivering customized behavioral assessments.

Who Should Attend?

Human Resource Specialist
Aspiring Sales Professional
Individuals who wishes to discover more about themselves and increase their self-awareness.

Key Takeaways from this Program

Effectively consult and counsel others, as well as discover and develop their potential through the DISC personality profiling tool.
Improve team communication and interpersonal skills by gaining a deeper understanding of different personality and communication styles.
Be equipped with the skills to analyze strengths, motivations, and tendencies that could help in increasing work and personal effectiveness.

The DISC Model

The DISC Personality Model was first theorized by Dr. William Moulton Marston in his research published in 1928. In 1940, Walter Clark adopted the theory and developed the first DISC Personality Profile Report.

Standing the test of time, the DISC Personality Profile has been proven to be a reliable and viable tool that helps humans understand each other better. Today, it is one of the most popular assessment tools available, used by an estimated 70% of Fortune 500 companies to elevate businesses.

This certification program includes:

1 set of Introduction to Behavioral Analysis Certification Guide Materials inclusive of: 76-page Certification Guide, Proficiency Exam, Supporting audio files

1 x online PeopleKeys DISC, Team and Values Report

1 x online PeopleKeys DISC Report for post-certification assignment

Official Accreditation as Certified Behavioral (DISC) Consultant from The Institute for Motivational Living Inc., USA


Uncover more career and development opportunities through verified behavioral assessment tools

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