Talent Management Professional Certification

Internationally recognised certificate by Institute of Leadership and Management, UK and Paradigm Personality Labs, USA

Talent Management Professional Certification Program

Are you having trouble selecting the right talents for succession planning? Finding it difficult to objectively assess potentials, development gaps and the right fit within your talent pool? Struggling to hire the right candidate for the job? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, this program is for you.

Set yourself apart from other HR and Talent professionals with the Talent Management Professional (TMP) Certification Program, the only talent management program that covers seven modules, including Leadership Development & Succession Planning, Effective Recruitment, Identification of High Potentials, Competency Development Framework, and Human Resource Optimization. You’ll be equipped with a world-renowned assessment tool – the Workplace Big Five Profile™ that helps you assess, identify, and develop talent objectively and accurately. You’ll also get to experience the SIMTalent® Talent Development Simulation that can help accelerate your learning of this talent management framework.

Who Should Attend?

Human Resource Professionals
Talent Development Managers
Recruitment Specialists
Trainers and educators who aspire to achieve greater heights in organizational success.

Key Takeaways from this Program

You will gain a better understanding of Talent Management, its processes, and the roles and functions of a Talent Management Assessor.
Develop greater awareness and understanding of various profiling tools and assessment methods that are used globally for talent management.
The WorkPlace Big Five Profile™ assessment tool allows practitioners to perform a range of tasks such as job profiling, competency mapping, behavioral interviewing, and job matching that could promote better efficacy in talent selection and hiring.
The ability to hone consulting skills, complemented by tools for leadership development, succession planning, and identification of high potential talents.

SIMTalent® Talent Development Simulation

Key Program Highlights

  • Real-time feedback for more effective learning and constant improvement.
  • Risk-free learning within a safe space that allows you to explore and execute new strategies without actual real-life consequences.
  • Vibrant team interaction – this program requires networking and sharing of experiences with other team members to provide different perspectives and offer another dimension of depth in your learning experience.

What can you expect with the simulation experience?

  • Opportunity to set up a strategic development plan for each team member by considering personal and business needs.
  • The chance to develop a solid succession plan for all team members and managers.
  • Hone the skills required to evaluate team members based on individual personality profiles.
  • Learn how to minimize retention risks by matching the right talents with the requirements of the company.
  • Ability to identify which team members to promote to new promotions based on the plan that you designed.

WorkPlace Big Five Profile 4.0™

Key Program Highlights

  • Can be completed easily within just 15 minutes.
  • Understand workforce complexities, people’s strengths and their motivations by equipping yourself with the skills, knowledge and tools needed.
  • This program enhances your competency and capability in assessing talents, helping you to identify development gaps in an objective manner, and in turn, help you to improve employee engagement, reduce turnover, improve performance, and foster better teamwork.
  • You will be coached and certified to apply the assessment and debrief profiles accurately.


This certification program includes:

WorkPlace Big Five Profile 4.0 Reports (Trait, Narrator, Capacitor, Consultant & Leader Reports)

WorkPlace Big Five Profile Workbook: Applying Personality Results at Work by Pierce J. Howard, Ph.D. and Jane Mitchell Howard, MBA ©2009 by Paradigm Personality Labs

Professional Manual for the WorkPlace Big Five Profile™ by Pierce J. Howard, Ph.D. and Jane Mitchell Howard, MBA ©2009 by Paradigm Personality Labs

Official Accreditation as Certified WorkPlace Big Five Consultant from Paradigm Personality Labs, USA.

Official Accreditation as Certified Talent Management Assessor from Paradigm Personality Labs, USA.

Talent Management Professional Programme Certificate from The Institute of Leadership and Management, UK.


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