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“Knowledge isn’t power, until it is applied”

dale Carnegie
Simulations are effective tools to help participants turn conventional training knowledge into tangible learning experiences.

Fish Camp Learning is an Authorized Partner / Reseller for renowned international brands in Simulations and Experiential Learning Solutions. Our programs are designed with a strong emphasis on experiential learning, and we have been delivering Training Programs using such simulations for more than 10 years, both physically and virtually.

Our Simulations

Business Strategy and Finance​

Problem Solving & Creative Thinking​

General Organization Development​

Talent Management & Development​

Change and Leadership​

Business And Strategy Simulation

Business Today Simulation International ​

BUSINESS TODAY INTERNATIONAL is one of the world largest providers of board-based business simulations, offering more than 150 types of business simulations across industries. They utilize discovery learning technologies to significantly improve the performance of people and organizations.

Key Features:

  • Provides a broad view of each function's role in the organization and the various interdepartmental relationships.
  • Helps participants learn how to manage resources.
  • Offers opportunities for participants to make various business decisions.
  • Helps participants understand financial statements and take corrective actions with the aim to achieve overall strategic goals.

Key Learning Outcomes:

Strategic thinking, Decision Making, Business Acumen, Financial Literacy, Analytical & Critical Thinking, Resource Planning & Negotiation Skills.

GoVenture CEO​

GoVenture CEO is a highly customizable business simulation. Participants can immerse themselves into the business world, where they have to manage their own companies and teams. This game is designed with various scenario presets to choose from. Customization is also available to simulate current events, historical successes and for specific learning outcomes.

Depending on the duration of the game that is set, participants will have to make multiple rounds of business decisions in areas such as product development, sales, marketing, Human Resource and many more. This can be done through their phones, computers or even tablets.

Key Features:

  • Fully Customizable to fit any industry, market, and products.
  • Customizable depth of experience with options to include specific of business functions.
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) simulates realistic market forces that dynamically change based on Player decisions.
  • AI-powered assessment tool is available to help monitor participant’s progress.
  • Accessible via phone and desktop app.

Key Learning Outcomes:

Strategic thinking, Decision Making, Business Acumen, Financial Literacy, Analytical & Critical Thinking, Resource Planning & Negotiation Skills.


Through PressTime™, an in-depth business problem is presented in the form of a simulation. This executive-level simulation is run in groups of six to eight participants, who are tasked with bringing a new product to market while dealing with competitors, financial decisions, and personnel issues. PressTime™ touches on many important leadership competencies and includes a very thorough debrief, discussing topics ranging from the team's strategy to individual feedback. When used with self-assessments or 360 instruments, it is one of the most powerful management simulations available.

Key Features:
  • Helps participants develop strategic leadership and core problem-solving skills.
  • Helps to identify participants' leadership strengths and development needs.
  • Creates learning opportunities through feedback from trained observers.

Going for Profit​

Going for Profit! is one of Northgate’s most successful publications ever. Teams are tasked with running a pizza takeaway in the mythical European city of Villeburg. Working in the same market as a number of other competitors, each team will want to win as much of that market as it can. Great fun and there’s lots to observe in terms of business acumen, how the teams reach decisions and how they deal with setbacks.

Key Features:
  • Highlights teamwork in action as teams strive to agree on how to run a small business.
  • Encourages simple P&L analysis, forecasting and planning.
  • Shows the importance of a clear decision-making process.
  • Stresses the importance of customers and knowing who your target market is.
  • Illustrates the value of close analysis of figures in order to control costs.

Organizational Development & Design

Escape Series

This Escape Room Gaminar is an engaging experiential activity in which participants are put into situations where their creativity, communication and their teamwork are being challenged. Within a limited timeframe, they must figure out solutions to solve the clues and puzzles in the game. The team that manages to escape in the shortest period will be the winner. This intensive game makes up a good challenge to draw upon group collaboration. Participants will have to communicate effectively with each other. Everyone plays a vital role in solving the case, so leave no one behind and escape together!

Key Features:

  • Creative thinking and creative problem solving.
  • Working in teams effectively through active listening and clear communication.
  • Learning to work under pressure and manage time effectively.
  • Leverage on individuals’ skills to achieve team breakthrough.

6 manuals, over 25 experiential learning activities

MTA Learning​

MTa has over 30 years worldwide experience of designing, supplying and facilitating innovative experiential learning activities and training resources. One of the best sellers include MTa Insights, a comprehensive and powerful experiential learning kit containing high impact experiential activities that generate a wide range of learning opportunities in areas such as team skills, leadership, communication, problem solving and change. Incredibly versatile and flexible, the MTa Insights embodies activities that will challenge and stimulate participants of all levels.

MTA Learning​

The LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® methodology is an innovative process designed to enhance innovation and business performance. Based on research which shows that hands-on, minds-on learning produces a deeper, more meaningful understanding of the world and its possibilities, the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® methodology deepens the reflection process and supports an effective dialogue – for everyone in the organization.

Key Features:

  • A facilitated technique which unlocks the potential of all the participants in the workshop.
  • Solving complex issues by building models using LEGO bricks. The metaphors in the models serve as the basis for group discussion, knowledge sharing, and problem solving and help foster creative thinking and finding unique solutions.
  • To unlock the full potential of their employees – and to encourage everyone to participate, contribute and commit to the solution.

Strategy Development And Innovation

Paper Planes Inc.​

Paper Planes, Inc. is a simulation that focuses on teamwork, collaboration, organizational effectiveness, breaking down silos, engagement, and customer service. This award-winning change management simulation allows groups of employees to learn the value of redesigning how they work, internalize those insights, and bring them back to their jobs while also providing insights on how an organization or team can prepare for changes within their organizations.

Key Features:

  • Helps participants understand how engagement and collaboration can improve key organizational outcomes, such as cost, quality, customer experience and employee satisfaction.
  • Helps participants learn how to work together across functional boundaries and helps individuals “own” their work, becoming more invested in team and organizational success.
  • Helps break down barriers to organizational success and team-based change while reinforcing the power of teamwork and communication.

The Exchange​

The Exchange is an interactive web-based simulation that challenges participants to think critically, gather and interpret data, make timely decisions, manage risk and uncertainty and react to changing market demands. It challenges participants to work together within an environment of complex data, ambiguity, and time pressure. Each participant is a member of a team that earns points by trading Combos.

Key Features:

  • Creates awareness of teams’ biases toward reactive versus innovative change.
  • Reveals a group’s ability to work effectively in a dynamic and evolving environment.
  • Highlights the need for efficient and effective decision-making processes.
  • Examines the impact of risk and uncertainty on strategy and execution.

RSVP Design – T-Trade

The T-trade exercise is designed to be used in a context in which business negotiations are important for success in achieving individual or organizational goals. This simulation sees each team trying to achieve the best business outcome for themselves but at the same time, needing to 'make deals' with other groups in order to be successful. How do they go about making mutually acceptable agreements and yet maintain their focus on achieving the best individual team results they can?

Key Learning Outcomes:

  • Effective Communication
  • Instruction & Delegation
  • Negotiation & Building Trust
  • Resource Management

RSVP Design – Webmaster

Webmaster is a large-scale experiential problem-solving activity that aims to foster collaboration across teams. Participants are required to assemble a black and white diagram using colored ropes with specific rules that they have to adhere to.

Once the diagram is completed, participants are then asked to re-do the whole diagram again, under a strict time frame.

Key Learning Outcomes:

  • Teamwork & effective communication; participants need to communicate & work in an organized and effective manner to achieve the goal.
  • Problem solving under time pressure.
  • Innovation, planning, monitoring, and process improvement.

RSVP Design - Colour Blind

The Colourblind® activity is a communication exercise which develops team building skills and helps teams recognize problems caused by imprecise communication and language. It is a verbal problem-solving experiential learning activity that is used to improve team problem-solving and listening skills and is played in a small group.

Key Features:

  • Change Management
  • Effective Communication
  • Managing Information in Communication
  • Listening
  • Problem Solving

Northgate – The Expedition

Participants’ mission is to travel to a location deep in the desert to collect a vitally important letter (that could mean the difference between life and death). They have a map, a vehicle to travel in and a coded message that will reveal the location – but little else. What data do they need in order to plan the expedition? They must formulate eight carefully constructed questions in order to get that critical information.

Key Learning Outcomes:

  • To address the overall planning process as a team.
  • To ask the right questions early on, to identify key issues.
  • To learn the importance of accuracy and attention to detail.
  • To understand basic logistics.
  • To select the best personnel for the job.
  • To evaluate different options.

Northgate- Astronaut Rescue 

In this exciting and immersive training activity, the clock is ticking, and time is short. Having landed somewhere in the Koruk Mountains, teams must reach a certain location in order to be rescued. To achieve that goal there’s a lot to do! The pressure is on.

Ideal for observing teams and how they interact under pressure as well as identifying those individuals who show leadership potential. Ultimately this activity leads to a useful discussion about what makes a good leader, what leadership is all about and how participants can demonstrate leadership skills back in the workplace.

Key Learning Outcomes:

  • To identify 10 trigger points where leadership is required.
  • To show that the leader role can move between different team members.
  • To recognize some basic leadership traits.
  • To see the benefits when a team is organized and well-led.
  • To show that there is not just one style for effective leadership.
  • To show the importance of whole team collaboration.
  • To show the importance of the team supporting the leader.

Northgate - Lost in The Wilderness 

Each team receives a Brief. It tells them that they are part of a team on a flight over Canadian territory en route to a fishing holiday in a remote location. Their seaplane is fitted with amphibious floats and when the engine falters, it crash lands in the wilderness, killing the pilot. There are 15 items that have survived the plane crash. Teams must sum up the situation, list the options and decide on a plan. Good leadership and decisiveness are required.

Key Learning Outcomes:

  • To discuss an issue under time pressure & analyze problems.
  • To work together as a team & brainstorm possible solutions.
  • To learn how to prioritize & the need for decisive leadership.
  • To express own ideas forcefully.

Centre for Creative Leadership Explorer Card ​

Visual Explorer is a powerful tool for encouraging collaborative conversations and effective dialogues in a safe learning environment. This innovative game uses a series of diverse images to create a visual vocabulary that helps people to express themselves through the use of metaphors, intuition, and emotion.

Key Features:

  • A diagnostic tool to develop a creative talents profile for teams.
  • Discover how to create healthy dialogue between team members.
  • Uncover how to bring organizational issues to the surface.
  • A tool to build self-confidence, employee morale, and collaboration.

Point of You Card

The Coaching Game is a creative and effective tool for personal and professional development. This easy-to-use game features associative cards, each depicting a photographic image and a topic, accompanied by a thought-provoking book, inviting participants to experience countless points of view, break free from set patterns of thought, and open up new possibilities for expansion and growth.

Key Features:

  • To facilitate awareness and action, insights and growth.
  • A powerful tool for self-discovery, team building and leadership development, as well as at social gatherings and corporate settings.
  • Can be easily adapted to every audience (played individually, one-on-one, by small and large groups), objective and theme.

Talent Management & Development​


SIMTALENT simulation is an immersive Talent Development tool that allows your leaders and managers to learn how to manage their staff retention risks, motivation levels, learning needs, performance measurements, succession planning, and recruitment initiatives. In this simulation, each participant will assume roles as Talent Development team. Over several business periods, they will recruit, mentor and develop a team and individual team members. The goal is to achieve the highest “Talent Score” in the competitive HR market.

Key Learning Outcomes:
  • The key and methods to an effective Talent Development plan
  • The systemic effects of Talent Development Decisions on the entire organization
  • Effective usage of staff appraisals can help build a high performing team

Change and Leadership​


SHIFT is a simulation that focuses on REMOVING four main traps – The Comfort Zone, Fear Zone, Habits Zone, and Analysis Paralysis Zone. These are the challenges that often stand between us and our true potential.

This experience will stretch participants to challenge these restraining forces and learn new remedial strategies, inspired by thought leaders such as David Gleicher, Rick Maurer, Charles Duhigg, John Kotter & Stephen Covey.

Using the available tools and techniques, participants will be inspired to embrace change and overcome internal resistance to stay relevant in today’s competitive landscape

Key Learning Outcomes:
  • Breaking comfort zones and build high performance culture by taking action now.
  • Empowered to create values in the face of difficulties.
  • Leveraging on time constraints to act efficiently.
  • Discovering “Change” as the catalyst of productivity and creativity.

Situational Leadership, Navigator

Navigator is a simulation that brings alive well-established theories and concepts on Situational Leadership by Ken Blanchard & Paul Hersey and Leading Change by John Kotter.

In a gamified and competitive simulation experience, participants will make decisions that will create sense of urgency, create alignment with the organization's goals and build mutual accountability and team engagement.

More than ever, these are the skills most crucial for a leader and manager to effectively lead their team through challenges in the face of uncertainties.

Key Learning Outcomes:
  • Encourage teams to come out of their comfort zone and take initiatives.
  • Master the ability to distribute workloads fairly and effectively.
  • Significantly enhance team performance through the “Readiness Level” Model.
  • Increase motivation, collaboration, and ability to overcome resistance.

GoVenture Leader

GoVenture LEADER is an experiential learning activity that builds leadership, strategy, and collaboration skills. It can be customised to match any activity, company, or business function. It can be played individually or in teams.

Key Features
  • Leadership, negotiation, and team-building activity using a web app.
  • Experiential, social, and gamified learning.
  • Customize to match any activity, business function, or company.
  • Play individually or in teams.
  • Play in one session or over multiple days or weeks.
  • Play live in person or asynchronously at a distance.
  • Requires light support by a facilitator.
  • We engaged Fish Camp Learning for their leadership competencies assessments because their behavioural and profiling assessment tools are well-researched and the assessment reports are customised to the organisation’s needs. In addition, Theo and his team are able to help participants to connect their assessment results to their behaviour at the workplace. This is very powerful to activate the desire for behaviour change in order to achieve better work performance. In many occasions, life related situations were also discussed. From a talent management expert’s point of view, I truly appreciate Fish Camp’s experiential development programmes and we have benefited much from the programmes. Without qualms, I would recommend Fish Camp!

    Dr. Jessica Tang
    Senior Manager, Talent Development,
    Group HR, Top Glove Corporation Berhad
    August 2020 

  • On behalf of Fresenius Medical Care Production Sdn Bhd, I would like to take this opportunity to place on record our appreciation for the excellent ongoing Leadership Development Program you have conducted with us since December 2018. Fish Camp Learning has many good simulation tools and good experiential activities that are catered according to our needs and objectives. The Workplace Big Five Leadership assessments are among examples of the most beneficial ones where we have applied in the areas of leadership to increase leadership effectiveness and communication efficiency. What I would also like to highlight is the team of facilitators and coaches that delivery the workshops shown high competencies in their respective field and immensely helpful and passionate.

    Tam Poh Yih
    HR Manager, Fresenius Medical Care Production Sdn Bhd
    August 2020

  • Theo (Fish Camp Learning ) is a trusted partner for me and my team. He brings to the table so much of depth knowledge on psychology, personality, behaviour and translates the learning into something which is easily comprehensible. His humility wows us all the time and willingness to always share, flexibility in approach and committing to deliver solutions the right way for us is commendable. Thanks Theo for the great partnership.

    Pritinderjeet Kaur
    Head of Learning & Talent Development at HSBC Bank Malaysia Berhad
    October 2019

  • I started to engage the services of Theo (Fish Camp Learning) for some of his development programs since my last organization. From the experience as a client, our employees who attended his program provided encouraging feedback on what they took away from the program - both in terms of new learning and new awareness. I care a lot about experiential and interactive learning and Theo with his team has never failed me. Theo has wealth of knowledge and experience in various team effectiveness and leadership programs which helped me a lot in finding the right intervention and program for different needs and teams dynamic I have. Post the training program, Theo will also share his observations and feedback. I enjoyed his friendly nature and even temperament. I can whole heartedly recommend Theo.

    Andrew Ng
    Regional HR Director, ASEAN Informa PLC
    May 2019

  • On behalf of the Human Relations team of Continental Tyre PJ Malaysia Sdn Bhd, I would like to take this opportunity to place on record our appreciation for the excellent team building workshops you conducted with us for 1.5 years in a row. Fish Camp Learning has many good simulation tools and good experiential activities that are catered according to our needs and objectives. DISC Personality Traits Assessment is for example one of the most beneficial one to our team where we have applied in the areas to increased communication efficiency amongst the Human Relations team members. What I would also like to highlight is your capability to adopt the agenda during the workshop in order to ensure the best result and the most emotional team empowerment. Your continuous support has allowed the Human Relations team to achieve immeasurable progress and it continues to strive towards even better success.

    Fish Camp really lives up to their motto “Building Teams, Moulding Leaders"

    Diana Hoppe
    Head of Human Relations, Continental Tyre Malaysia

    August 2018